Success is not defined by the type of client we work with, but by the quality of work we provide.

Flight was founded with the idea that having  a team of experts with different backgrounds would provide the best solutions. We are building an agency that holds on to good people, invests in them, and invites them to help shape the future of our company.

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Our team

Michelle Farrell

Founder | Senior Product Manager
I lead digital strategy, design and development, bridging the gap between form and function. My passion is designing interactive experiences that increase usability, accessibility, making sure all voices are heard, from stakeholder to end-user. My experience in the human services sector has afforded me with keen insights to how people perceive and assess their environment and the tools they use. This work was the catalyst to learning Design Thinking, a human-centered process.

I have a Masters in Web design and New Media and a Bachelor’s Degree in Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Communities. In 2016, I served as Salon Co-Chair for TEDxSonomaCounty and Co-Founded Letter People, a LGBTQ+ professional community.

Samantha Kraesig

Founder | Director of brand strategy and design
I lead the creative direction for each project and guide the structure of our teams, all while maintaining the overall health of Flight. For more than 10 years I've used design to solve complex problems and to educate non-designers to think more like designers.

I earned my degree in Design from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco where I worked with Art Directors from companies like Character SF and Anheuser Busch. In 2016, I served as Marketing Co-Chair for TEDxSonomaCounty and Co-Founded, Letter People, a LGBTQ+ professional community.

I grew up in Sonoma County. Both sides of my family served in the US Air Force. This provided opportunity to travel at an early age—introducing me to different cultures. Exposure to new experiences sparked curiosity surrounding people. Years later I discovered that my love for design was rooted in the marriage of short stories, the beauty of photography and the study of sociology.  Evolving into human-centered design.

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Extended Team

Phoebe Tsai
UX Design
Natalia Jaramillo
Project management
Amanda LeCave
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Fox Scarlett
Web & App Development
Katelynn Wiley
Heather Jansen
Graphic & Production Design
Chelsea Kurnick

Collaborative Services

When you partner with us you have access to a community of resources.

Software Development
Social Media Marketing